Welcome everyone to our new Website and News Blog for the DCS Module Aérospatiale Gazelle SA-342! Feel free to comment our latest progress!


  1. Follow the development of the aircraft Polishop the years, since it was not yet Polychop see the work get near to be completed and very good.
    Congratulations to the whole team, waiting for looking forward to the release.

  2. After flying Huey the first time, I fell in love with choppers. Each time I power up my gaming machine, I first fly the Huey for the love of it.

    The Gazelle will probably kick me completely away from fixed wing aircraft and make me a two helicopter flier exclusively.

  3. First of all I want to send my greetings and congratulate them on their great website.
    The work and dedication that you have put the SA-342M Gazelle is rewarding and I look forward to the release of this great module.

    No less important is the module PAH1A1 BO-105, this work is a replica of the original esacta, details of all its components are really a gem of 3D work.

    Once again I congratulate you for your work and I hope that in the future continue to delight us with their works.


  4. Incredible progress over the last years. I’m glad the business decision worked well, so far.
    These birds will be a fantastic addition to DCS, as we desperately need some western Chopper with anykind of Anti Tank Guided Missiles…
    A role which both the Gazelle and the Bo-105 can fulfil!

    Thank you guys so much for your hard work and perseverance.

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